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Sacubitril/Valsartan Treated Adult Patients With Chronic Heart Failure

This study evaluated changes in healthcare resource utilization (HCRU) and costs of care within 12 months following initiation of sacubitril/valsartan (sac/val) in commercially insured and Medicare Ad ...

Condición: Chronic Heart Failure

Avicena LVDP Validation Study

The purpose of the study is to determine the relationship between non-invasive measurement of left ventricular diastolic pressure (LVDP) using the Vivio System, compared with invasively measured LVDP ...

Condición: Heart Failure

Effect of Different Types of Aerobic Training on Peak VO2 and Ejection Fraction for Diastolic Heart Failure Patients; a Comparative Randomized Control Trial

Background: Heart failure is described by a lack of confirmed efficient therapies and exercise intolerance. Physical activity is related to a lower risk of adverse cardiovascular consequences, involvi ...

Condición: Effect of Different Types of Aerobic Training on Diastolic Heart Failure Patients

Thoracic Spinal Cord Stimulation Reduces the Risk of Ischemic Ventricular Arrhythmias in a Postinfarction Heart Failure Canine Model

Background— Thoracic spinal cord stimulation (SCS) is a promising therapy in treating refractory angina. This study was designed to investigate SCS with regard to the risk of arrhythmias during myocar

Defective Regulation of Interdomain Interactions Within the Ryanodine Receptor Plays a Key Role in the Pathogenesis of Heart Failure

Background— According to our hypothesis, 2 domains within the ryanodine receptor (RyR) of sarcoplasmic reticulum (SR) (N-terminal [0 to 600] and central [2000 to 2500] domains), where many mutations h

Different Contributions of Endothelin-A and Endothelin-B Receptors in Postischemic Cardiac Dysfunction and Norepinephrine Overflow in Rat Hearts

Background— Endothelin (ET)-1 and norepinephrine (NE) are involved in myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury. We investigated the role of ET-1 in ischemia/reperfusion–induced NE overflow and cardiac d

Dr. Sara May, Allergy and Immunology

Heart Transplant Surgery: A New Lease Of Life for Mr Abhishek Goswami

Mr. Abhishek Goswami was diagnosed with Ventricular tachycardia; a type of heart rhythm disorder that arises from improper ...

Dr. Sara May, Allergy and Immunology

How Does Heart Bypass Surgery Work? Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Procedure Animation - CABG Video

Heart bypass surgery begins with an incision made in the chest, with the breastbone cut exposing the heart. Next, a portion of the ...

Dr. Sara May, Allergy and Immunology

Breakthrough Surgery : Heart transplant, but from a pig

On 7th January 2022, a 57-year old man in the United States suffering from a heart disease received a transplant from a ...