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  • Surdocardiac syndrome -- jervell and lan...

    Surdo Cardiac syndrome - Jervell and Lange-Nielsen is a rare genetic disorder that causes abnormal electrical impulse passage in the heart. It is most common during fetal development as a result of a genetic mutation, and it can cause arrhythmias, fainting, seizures, and cerebral palsy. Although there is no cure, treatments are available to help manage symptoms and prevent complications.The severity of these sympto  Read More

  • Taybi syndrome

    Taybi syndrome is a rare genetic condition that develops due to some genetic disorders. It starts to make its presence in early childhood, characterized by deformity in facial features, intellectual impairment, and abnormal physical structure. The condition affects both males and females equally. However, in most cases, the diagnosis of the syndrome is random with the absence of family members with  Read More