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  • Cantrell-haller-ravich syndrome

    There are various symptoms of the cantrell-haller-ravich syndrome. Some of them are mentioned below.The symptoms depend from person to person. While some infants can have only minor defects with an incomplete expression of the disorder, on the other hand, some infants can have life-endangering complications too. The chances of occurrence of cantrell-haller-ravich syndrome are at the time of birth with ectopia cordi  Read More

  • Da costa's syndrome

    Da costa’s syndrome is also known as chronic asthenia or as cardiac neurosis. This condition is being studied for more than a hundred years for now and the description of this condition was described by the conditions of the soldiers. Usually, the symptoms of Da costa’s syndrome are more or less similar to that of various heart diseases. An individual affected with Da costa’s syndrome may experience fatigue and dizziness upon exertion, har  Read More

  • Deafness-functional heart disease

    Deafness functional heart disease can impair the cardiovascular health of the patient and affect both the peripheral and central auditory systems, mostly common among older people. Heart is responsible for pumping blood and bringing oxygen to the whole body. The heart disease results in poor circulation and may reduce sufficient oxygen from reaching the brain. This can cause the nerve cells to be destroyed or damaged which causes permanent hea  Read More

  • Giant cell myocarditis

    Though research has been going on for years, the actual cause of giant cell myocarditis is still not clear. The risk factors for giant cell myocarditis are-People with autoimmune disorders are prone to this disease; however, people of any age, gender, lifestyle, or food habit can be a sufferer of this disease. Patients with autoimmune diseases like type 1 diabetes, Rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, m  Read More

  • Heart disease and cardiac catheterization

    Heart diseases are caused by various factors and are of multiple types. While some heart diseases are related to the blood vessels and arteries, others might be caused due to irregular heart rhythm. The types of heart diseases with their symptoms can be seen below. •Problems in blood vessels- fatty plaques in the arteries and damaged or blocked blood vessels can cause heart diseases, whose symptoms include chest pain or pressure, or discomfort  Read More

  • Heart disease and restrictive cardiomyopathy

    There are various heart diseases that affect the working of the heart and the body and pose life risks to the patients. Restrictive cardiomyopathy is one of the multiple forms of cardiomyopathy- which is heart disease also known as Heart Muscle Disease. This rare condition is where the walls of the heart’s lower chambers become rigid and inflexible and are unable to expand while the ventricles fill with blood. This makes the heart lose its cap  Read More