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  • Thoracoabdominal syndrome

    One of the rare disorders with birth in an infant (maximum males) is called Thoracoabdominal Syndrome. Due to its association with all the crucial blood-vessel that connect parts of the heart and abdomen, it affects the area from the lungs, spine, and breastbone to the abdominal area and intestines. •Furthermore, it is linked with the defect of the diaphragm (the most significant respiratory musc  Read More

  • Ventricular septal defect

    A ventricular septal defect is the second most cardiac abnormality in adults, often congenital. The ventricular septum is a curved structure that demarcates the two ventricles of the heart. Developmental abnormality of septal formation during complex processes of cardiac morphogenesis leads to the defect. VSDs can occur due to genetic factors such as chromosomal aberrations, single genes, and polygenic mutations. Toxins like a  Read More