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  • Alpha thalassemia

    Thalassemia signs and symptoms can include: Fatigue Weakness Pale or yellowish skin Facial bone deformities Slow growth Abdominal swelling Dark urine Some babies show signs and symptoms of thalassemia at birth; others develop them during the first two years of life. Some people who have only one affected hemoglobin gene don't have thalassemia symptoms.  Read More

  • Coa syndrome

    Babies with severe coarctation of the aorta may begin having symptoms shortly after birth. These include: Pale skin Irritability Heavy sweating Difficulty breathing Difficulty feeding People with coarctation of the aorta may also have signs or symptoms of other heart defects, which often occur with the condition. Signs or symptoms of coarctation of the aorta after i  Read More

  • Endocardial cushion defects

    Symptoms of ECD may include: Baby tires easily Bluish skin color, also known as cyanosis (the lips may also be blue) Feeding difficulties Failure to gain weight and grow Frequent pneumonia or infections  Pale skin (pallor) Rapid breathing Rapid heartbeat Sweating Swollen legs or abdomen (rare in children) Trouble breathing, e  Read More

  • Mirror-image dextrocardia

    Mirror-image dextrocardia, the most prevalent type of cardiac malposition encountered, is dextrocardia, which is almost always linked to situs inversus of the abdominal organs. The aortic arch curves to the right and posteriorly, and the anatomic right ventricle is ahead of the left ventricle. On the left side is the three-lobed anatomic right lung. In general, the risk of an infracardiac malformation is not increased.Risk factors  Read More