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  • Autosomal recessive long qt syndrome

    Autosomal recessive long-QT syndrome (Jervell Lange-Nielsen syndrome) is a recessive disorder with congenital deafness and long-QT syndrome. This disorder is a form of long QT syndrome.Symptoms of Autosomal recessive long-QT syndrome may be apparent during early childhood.Sensorineural hearing loss is usually profound, affecting both ears; however, it tends to affect the hearing of high frequencies more than low fr  Read More

  • Jervell and lange-nielsen syndrome

    Jervell and Lange-Nielsen syndrome is a rare genetic illness characterized by congenital deafness that occurs in conjunction with anomalies in the heart's electrical system. The severity of JLNS-related cardiac symptoms varies among individuals. Some people have no symptoms (asymptomatic); others develop abnormally fast heartbeats (tachyarrhythmias), which can cause bouts of unconsciousness, cardiogenic shock, and potential  Read More