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  • Alpha high-density lipoprotein deficiency

    Tangier disease is caused by a mutation in the ATP-binding cassette A1 (ABCA1) gene, which produces severe high-density lipoprotein (HDL) deficiency syndrome. Tangier illness is a genetic metabolic ailment that is highly rare. It induces reverse cholesterol transport (RCT) dysfunction, which leads to cholesterol deposition in peripheral tissue cells and a variety of clinicopathological alterations, including dyslipidemia and the early beginning o  Read More

  • Ivemark syndrome

    Complicated cyanotic cardiac defects and asplenia affect the body's immune system. This enhances the susceptibility of newborns to fatal infections. Multiple factors play a role in the development of the Ivemark syndrome. The exact causes of Ivemark syndrome are still unknown. Sporadic cases are mainly evident. The factors causing the disorder are:Genetic factors: Ivemark syndrome is caused by genetic alteration  Read More