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  • Taybi syndrome

    Taybi syndrome is a rare genetic condition that develops due to some genetic disorders. It starts to make its presence in early childhood, characterized by deformity in facial features, intellectual impairment, and abnormal physical structure. The condition affects both males and females equally. However, in most cases, the diagnosis of the syndrome is random with the absence of family members with  Read More

  • Trisomy 9 (complete trisomy 9 syndrome), included

    Trisomy 9 (complete trisomy 9 syndrome) is a rare chromosomal syndrome characterized by an extra chromosome 9. It arises from random errors that occur very early in embryonic development for unknown reasons. Risk factorsAge: Maternal age is the most critical risk factor for trisomy conditions. Women in their late 30s and 40s have a higher chance of getting affected by trisomy 9 (complete trisomy  Read More